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Lawrence Ferlinghetti was the hive and the honey

In every ecosystem there are keystone species, species that act as ecotones, binding communities together, their very presence allowing other species to thrive. In coral reefs, the keystones are coral, which grow into the branching walls and webs upon which and around which multitudes of fish, large and small can flourish. In Northern California, where I live, the keystone species world are live oak trees, coyotes, lizards and eelgrass in the bay.

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What the Super Bowl and America have in common

Maybe it was the ICU nurse manager Suzie Dorner conducting the coin flip during a pandemic that is still killing thousands of Americans every day -- nearly half a million deaths in less than a year -- that made it clear how much the Super Bowl is America and America is the Super Bowl. Or maybe it was the presence of Sarah Thomas, the first woman to officiate in the country's most-watched annual sporting event during a game that was heavily affected by penalties (called mostly against one team) throughout the first half. Or maybe it was the continued, noticeable absence of Colin Kaepernick -- except for his image in a historical account of what it took for Black quarterbacks to break through in the NFL.

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Analysis: A nation on edge braces for the transfer of power

The nation is entering inauguration week with an unnerving police and military presence guarding the vestiges of democracy -- with Americans holding their breath as federal officials warn about threats of violence and potential unrest that have clouded preparations for the ceremonies that will usher President-elect Joe Biden into the White House and send President Donald Trump back to private life.

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At a subdued CES, computers provide excitement

In a most unusual time, CES was diminished this year, with lots of companies including Google and Amazon not having a substantial presence and presenters mourning the lack of face-to-face contact. But one category was still on fire with new product announcements: Computers.

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Trump remains largely invisible after Kushner squashes attempts at building fringe social media presence

On the day he will be impeached for a history-making second time, President Donald Trump lacks a comprehensive legal strategy, has nothing on his public schedule and is without his preferred social media methods of responding -- in part because his son-in-law put a stop to efforts establishing his presence on fringe platforms after he was banned from Twitter.

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Opinion: The Trump appointee Biden needs to get rid of on day one

Among the latest flurry of hair-raising Donald Trump appointees President-elect Joe Biden should replace as soon as possible, the name of Darren J. Beattie may not raise alarms quite like recently-installed Voice of America director Robert R. Reilly, author of controversial books like "Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything" and "The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis." But Beattie's presence at a federally funded entity could undermine US democracy and pose nefarious consequences.

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Why the video game boom is here to stay

In a year when industries that require the physical presence of their customers are on the ropes -- from airlines and theme parks to brick-and-mortar retailers -- those that don't require in-person participation are thriving.

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Wendy's is placing a much bigger bet on India

US fast food chain Wendy's is ramping up its presence in India, saying it plans to have 400 cloud kitchens and traditional restaurants across the country in the next decade.

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Alex Trebek's life in pictures

Alex Trebek, the genial "Jeopardy!" host with all the answers and a reassuring presence in the TV game-show landscape for five decades, has died. He was 80.

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