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Opinion: The only way Republicans can lead again

President Donald Trump is conducting an all-out assault on our democracy. There is no other way to look at this. The President lost the election and his legal team has failed to produce evidence of voter fraud. So now President Trump is attempting to convince state legislatures to overthrow the results. Voters made their decision, and yet he wants to force a different outcome. His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is spewing the kinds of conspiracy theories that even conspiracy theorists shy away from. This is dangerous stuff. When some writers, such as Barton Gellman, writing in the Atlantic, predicted this would happen, too many people shrugged off the warning.

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I know how much it hurts to lose an election

Conceding an election is never easy. I know from painful experience. When I first ran for Congress in southern Arizona in 1982, everyone predicted a tight race, and they were right. By 1 a.m. on election night I was certain that my opponent had won. It was narrow -- less than 3,000 votes -- but I knew from looking at the numbers that we weren't going to prevail, despite the never-say-die attitude of my staff.

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Opinion: The Electoral College is not going to give Trump a second term

Four years ago in this space, I swatted down the idea that so-called "faithless electors" would deny Donald Trump the presidency when electors met to cast their votes for president and vice president in late December of that year. Instead, I predicted that while we would likely see a large number of faithless electors -- electors who vote contrary to expectations -- they would mostly be Democrats and they would have little effect upon Trump's chances for victory. We did indeed witness a record number of faithless votes. Most were indeed cast by Democrats and they did little to change the final outcome.

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Hurricane Laura heading for Texas and Louisiana

The National Hurricane Center has declared that the former Tropical Storm Laura is now a hurricane and is predicted to reach Category 3 strength before making landfall on the Gulf coast of the US.

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Judges cite John Roberts' opinion in reversing block on Arkansas abortion laws

A panel of federal appeals judges used Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion in the Supreme Court's recent decision protecting abortion access to allow several Arkansas abortion restrictions to go back into effect -- a seemingly counterintuitive outcome that advocates on both sides of the abortion issue had predicted.

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