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Opinion: The real lesson of Trump's social media silencing

On January 8, President Donald Trump was kicked off his soapbox: He lost his Twitter account. After suspending Trump for videos that praised Capitol riot participants, Twitter concluded that his follow-up tweets might incite future violence and it permanently banned him. Facebook has also suspended the President's account.

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Vaccine chief praises Biden's plan to ask US to wear masks

Moncef Slaoui, the head of the US government's effort to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, on Sunday praised President-elect Joe Biden's plan to ask all Americans to wear masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus, saying the practice is key as the country awaits widespread distribution of the vaccine.

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GOP senators drop Covid-19 ad messaging in final weeks

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, vulnerable Senate Republicans and their allies ran TV ads touting their efforts to pass multi-trillion dollar bills addressing the coronavirus pandemic. In Georgia, a Republican super PAC praised "quick action" from Sen. David Perdue to direct funding to hospitals, while North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis ran ads about setting up the Paycheck Protection Program to save small businesses.

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Trooper claims self-defense; video shows something else, investigators say

As a Georgia state trooper, Jacob Thompson impressed his bosses. They praised him for setting records in his unit for traffic stops and DUI busts. They commended his dedication to serving on the agency's honor guard. And they noted that in his off hours he raised money for a children's hospital and worked as a volunteer firefighter.

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Emmy ratings fall again to record low

What if you threw a party -- one generally praised by critics, presented with no serious glitches in the midst of a pandemic -- and relatively speaking, nobody showed up? That's the puzzle facing the Television Academy, in the wake of another year of record-low ratings for the Emmy Awards.

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Here's how one country is beating coronavirus

While the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, life in Taiwan is starting to return to normal. The island's coronavirus response has been praised and studied around the world as a model to follow. CNN's Paula Hancocks visits Taipei to see what Taiwan has done right.

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Why Fauci doesn't think a national mask mandate will work

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci praised how Vermont has handled the coronavirus pandemic and said that a national mask mandate "probably would not work" in the US.

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Even Fox News pundits praised Joe Biden for this

Michael Smerconish breaks down highlights from the Democratic National Convention, one of the strongest being 13-year-old Braden Harrington. Harrington, who struggles with a stutter similar to one Joe Biden had as a child, may have provided Biden inoculation against attacks on his mental faculties.

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Pence: Trump didn't embrace Qanon

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday dismissed the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory, whose followers President Donald Trump embraced and praised earlier this week.

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GOP candidate who embraces QAnon calls Pelosi a 'b*tch'

President Donald Trump praised a QAnon supporter who is on the verge of becoming a Republican member of Congress, tweeting that Marjorie Taylor Greene is "a real winner" after her primary victory. CNN's Manu Raju reports some Republicans who criticized her extreme and racist remarks are now supporting her.

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