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Volkswagen America might change its name

In what seemed to be a shocking goof -- pun absolutely intended -- Volkswagen of America on Monday briefly posted an unfinished press release announcing a plan to change its name to Voltswagen of America.

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This March Madness, women are on top of their game

Metaphors are seldom as convenient as they were last week, when University of Oregon basketball player Sedona Prince posted a Tik Tok video of the fully appointed weight room in the NCAA men's basketball tournament bubble and what the women were given in theirs: a single rack of hand weights. The NCAA executives responsible for the disparity were embarrassed by, and likened to, an inadequate collection of dumbbells.

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Alexi McCammond will no longer join Teen Vogue as editor in chief

Alexi McCammond is out as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue before she officially started the job, she and the magazine's owner announced Thursday. The announcement of her appointment to the job had sparked outrage from the publication's staffers and readers as well as some celebrities because of anti-Asian tweets she posted a decade ago.

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