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Opinion: I was fortunate to get my vaccine, but the hurdles are too great for many other Deaf people

When I received an email saying I was eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine -- containing a link to register for an appointment -- I was elated. Eager to protect my family, myself and my community, I signed up and drove to my designated location, a megasite run by the National Guard. As I approached the building entrance and saw a cluster of masked Guardsmen separating people into different lines, shouting instructions that I could not hear or see. I began to feel panicky.

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Biden's unexpected radical approach to the presidency

Even though Joe Biden was known as a pragmatic dealmaker, he has taken a bold, radical approach to the beginning of his presidency. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza explains Biden's unexpected direction in the wake of the post-Trump era and Covid-19.

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Biden keeping Trump's pick for Moscow ambassador in place

The Biden administration recently decided to keep the Trump-appointed US ambassador on the job in Moscow for the foreseeable future, two senior administration officials told CNN, demonstrating a willingness to nurture areas of stability in the US-Russia relationship after it got off to a tumultuous start.

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BBC deluged with complaints over wall-to-wall Prince Philip coverage

Global interest in the British royal family has boomed recently, mostly due to Harry and Meghan's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last month and the hit TV series "The Crown." But after Prince Philip's death on Friday, media saturation appears to have reached tipping point, in Britain at least.

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Mike Pence knows the truth about Trump, but will he tell all?

With so many Trump-related books already on the shelf, publishing houses have reached the point where perhaps the only author still worth hearing from would be the fly that landed on former Vice President Mike Pence's head during his debate with now Vice President Kamala Harris. Absent the fly, Simon & Schuster has signed their next-best option: Pence. The question now, is whether his story will create any buzz.

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Analysis: How Marjorie Taylor Greene is actually winning

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a first-term member of Congress who has been removed from committees. Aside from voting -- and occasionally engaging in pointless time-wasting measures -- she doesn't have many official duties at all. Quite simply: It's impossible for her to have less power within the halls of Congress.

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The 'Tiger Slam': 20 years on from when Tiger Woods won it all

As Tiger Woods walked onto the 18th green at the 2001 Masters, throngs of fans were in hot pursuit to catch a glimpse of the golfer and all cameras were pointed at the then 25-year-old, who was on the precipice of etching his name into golf history.

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It took a sea and land journey to prove scientists wrong about physics

In 2013, a load of precious cargo was put on a barge and transported from the Smith Point Marina on Long Island, down the east coast of the US and up the Mississippi River and its tributaries. When the barge got close to Chicago, the freight was transferred to a flatbed tractor trailer and driven the rest of the way to its destination just west of the Windy City. It was a 50-foot-wide load, so the truck only drove at night.

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Picasso's portrait of a young lover to sell for $55 million at auction

Pablo Picasso's 1932 "Femme Assise Près d'une Fenêtre (Marie-Thérèse)" ("Woman Sitting Near a Window"), a portrait of his teenage lover and "golden muse" from a critical point in his career, will be offered in Christie's newly rebranded 20th Century Art Evening Sale in New York on May 11, with an estimate of $55 million.

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