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Lawyer for accused domestic terrorist says suspect was just 'playing army'

It's a late summer weekend in northwestern Michigan, and leaves have started to turn from green to shades of yellow and orange in the village of Luther, home to about 320. A mile or so off the main road, deep in the woods, a few people live in mobile homes parked atop a hill. There's no running water or electricity and the best way to get there is four-wheel-drive.

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1 very concerning headline on the 2020 vote

• Trump is playing up China's threat to the 2020 election. But the evidence shows, Russia is the real danger • See Enten's reaction to Trump's election prediction

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Why your vote could be a life-or-death decision

After months of downplaying the dangers of the novel coronavirus, President Donald Trump has received no-expense-spared, cutting-edge treatment for his Covid-19 infection. Of course, it is reasonable that the President of the United States and commander in chief is treated aggressively -- the country's national security and leadership continuity are vital to our well-being and safety.

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One minute and 42 seconds of Van Halen's guitar transformed music

Apart from all the other things for which he is now being remembered and mourned, Eddie Van Halen -- who passed away Tuesday at the age of 65 -- was among the most important figures in the development of electric guitar playing in the second half of the 20th century.

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Analysis: Trump's downplaying of Covid-19 puts Facebook and Twitter in his crosshairs

President Trump's bout with coronavirus, and his continued and frequently dishonest downplaying of it, isn't just a problem for his re-election campaign. It's also putting Big Tech in an uncomfortable position, on a collision course with the President over what they've portrayed as strict rules regarding misinformation about the virus.

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Fauci on how he sees Thanksgiving holiday playing out

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN's Chris Cuomo how he sees the Thanksgiving holiday playing out during the coronavirus pandemic, and how Americans can stay safe.

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Civil War soldier reenactor makes a surprising discovery

Over decades of playing Black soldiers in Civil War reenactments, Calvin Osborne has championed the overlooked legacy of African American military veterans. But until recently, he knew very little about his own father's military service. What he discovered changed everything for him.

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