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Dan Scavino to speak at Republican National Convention

Dan Scavino, one of President Donald Trump's longest serving aides and one of the few people with access to his Twitter account, is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention this week, a person familiar with the planning told CNN.

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Fashion magazines about to face a reckoning with the September issue

In February, just weeks after starting as editor in chief of Marie Claire, Aya Kanai jet-setted to Europe for fashion week in Milan and in Paris. It was there that she started planning the magazine's September issue, considering what trends to highlight in what is heralded as fashion magazines' marquee product.

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Here are the US states with travel restrictions

With the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic in near constant fluctuation, state rules and regulations are having to adapt rapidly. For those planning a family vacation or simply wishing to travel to another state, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest statewide regulations.

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