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Pediatrician: The truth about reopening schools during Covid

We all know that schools play a central and crucial role in the lives of children. But President Donald Trump, without clear plans to contain the coronavirus in communities where it is currently surging, has threatened to defund schools that don't open up in the fall. This move would be detrimental to children, their parents and teachers, adding more fear and confusion during an already chaotic time. (As CNN's Tami Luhby writes, the President can't unilaterally cut current federal support of schools, but "could try to restrict some recent pandemic relief funding or refuse to sign future education grants and bailouts, and any reductions in federal funding would hit schools hard.")

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Stanford cuts 11 varsity sports programs

• The Ivy League cancels football and all other sports for the fall semester • Trump slams CDC school reopening plans before agency updates them • Trump's threat to defund education adds more pressure to struggling schools

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A woman who allegedly coughed on a baby no longer has her school district job

• LIVE UPDATES: 'We are still knee-deep in the first wave of this,' Fauci warns • Australia to isolate 6.6M people amid outbreak • Harvard and Princeton announce plans to bring back students for the fall semester • US may deport international students at universities switching to online-only classes

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#BlackoutDay2020 is tomorrow. Here's what you need to know

Tuesday is #BlackOutDay2020, when many Black Americans plan to showcase their combined economic might by refusing to spend any money on anything at all. Those who have to buy something are being encouraged to spend their money at a Black-owned business.

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