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Opinion: Texas offers Americans a stark history lesson

There have been three critical moments where Texas has proved decisive for democracy and voting rights in this country. The first two, in 1890 and 1965, afford us key insights into how we can make the most of the third one -- taking place right now.

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Walmart will require employees in some stores to wear masks

Walmart employees are required to wear masks inside again, regardless of vaccination status, in places with "substantial or high transmission." The new policy is effective immediately, the nation's largest retailer said Friday.

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Wildfires are getting so big they're sending smoke from Russia to the US

Yakuts in Russian Siberia is known as the world's coldest city. In a place where even an exposed nose during the winter months can cause biting pain, people are accustomed to taking precautions against freezing temperatures, including spending extra time in the morning to dress in many layers.

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Opinion: US, allies' toothless rebuke of Cyber Enemy No. 1

If there was any question about what country is vying to replace Russia as Cyber Enemy No. 1, to their targets globally, it's now clearly China. That's what NATO, the European Union and the Biden administration said in joint statements on Monday, denouncing cyberattacks from China as "systemic challenges to the rules-based international order."

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Review: 'Naomi Osaka' portrays a young athlete wrestling with the weight of stardom

"Naomi Osaka" tackles a lot more than just tennis, but this Netflix docuseries (really just a 110-minute documentary sliced into three parts) works best as a window into the demands placed on young athletes, and the pressures -- from personal to political to marketing -- that go with it. On that level alone it's a winner, despite a few faults.

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Russian hackers target unlikely place

Russian-based hackers targeted small towns in the US as part of their latest ransomware attack. CNN's Alex Marquardt reports how the small town of Leonardtown, Maryland, came to a halt in a matter of minutes.

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