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Opinion: What happens when you ride the Trump-a-Whirl too long

Remember the Tilt-a-Whirl? It was my favorite ride at the Fort Bend County Fair. You sit in a car that rolls and spins around an undulating track, moving in at least three different ways at once. The ride is a blast. When you get off it, it's hard to walk. You get the sensation that the ground is spinning and heaving. But it's not. It was the chaotic ride that made the ordinary seems disorienting.

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NFTs are suddenly everywhere, but they have some big problems

For several weeks, it's been near impossible to exist on the internet without at least hearing a mention of NFTs. Short for non-fungible tokens, they are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

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Activists call on Democrats to pass election reforms as states move to restrict voting

Faced with a barrage of bills to clamp down on ballot access around the country, some voting rights advocates are pinning their hopes on Congress and urging Democrats on Capitol Hill to use their slim majority to pass a sweeping election reform and voting rights package -- even if they have to torpedo the filibuster in the Senate to make it happen.

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Opinion: On stimulus, Trump is callously toying with my life

I don't know how President Donald Trump sleeps at night. I guess when you seem not to have a conscience it's easy. How else could he explain his head-spinning flip flop on a second stimulus package -- suspending talks until after Election Day, then sending out tweets hours later that contradicted himself -- when so many Americans like myself are struggling day-to-day to make ends meet?

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Head-spinning changes on policing raise key question

With a rarely seen urgency, politicians at every level of government, from coast to coast, are rapidly trying to turn the tumultuous national protests against police brutality -- sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis -- into new laws and policies.

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White House panel: Build new tech infrastructure for future jobs

A White House advisory panel on Tuesday will call for the government and private industry to work together to build new technological infrastructure to support future jobs and provide the underpinnings critical to a solid economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, an official briefed on the plans said.

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MORNING BID-Pinning hopes on Mickey Mouse

(A look at the day ahead from EMEA deputy markets editor Sujata Rao. The views expressed are her own.) Disney is planning to open its Shanghai theme park on May 11 - good news for a company that suffered a Q1 earnings drop of $1.4 billion. It will be one of the many businesses pinning hopes on China to lead the global recovery in demand for goods and services. Time will tell.

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