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American plans 737 Max tours and Q&A sessions

American Airlines plans to convince passengers that the 737 Max is safe to fly. So it's considering tours and giving potential customers the chance to ask questions of the airline's pilots and mechanics.

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How investigators found a jet engine under Greenland's ice sheet

Four hours into a September 2017 Air France flight 66 from Paris to Los Angeles, over 500 horrified passengers felt one of the aircraft's four engines spontaneously explode. "IS THERE A PROBLEM," read the message from air traffic controllers to the pilots. The plane, with over 500 passengers onboard, was flying four thousand feet below its previous altitude and, indeed, there was a problem. The front portion of an engine had fallen off, plummeting more than seven miles to the frozen Greenland ice sheet below.

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Designing the apartment in 'Friends'

There's no apartment in New York City more famous than Monica's impossible rent-controlled, two-bedroom West Village digs. From the purple walls to the outdoor terrace, the "Friends" apartment became the quintessential ideal of everything New York could be. That's all thanks to John Shaffner, the man responsible for creating the set of "Friends." As a production designer, Shaffner has worked on 44 different series and 68 pilots, including "Dharma and Greg," "The Drew Carey Show," "Two and a Half Men," and "The Big Bang Theory."

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See Russian pilots cross within 100 feet of US Air Force bomber

Two Russian aircraft made an "unsafe, unprofessional" intercept of a US Air Force B-52 bomber over the Black Sea and in international waters, according to a statement from US Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa Public Affairs. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

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United warns 36,000 employees they may be furloughed this fall

United Airlines is warning nearly half of its frontline workforce that they could be furloughed this Fall. The world's third-largest airline says 36,000 workers — including 15,000 flight attendants, 11,000 customer service and gate agents, 5,550 maintenance employees and 2,250 pilots — will receive layoff notices.

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