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'RBG' filmmakers: How she wanted to be remembered

Back when a woman could easily be fired for being pregnant; when a wife needed her husband's permission to get bank credit; and when a married man could not be charged with raping his spouse, a young lawyer had a radical idea. She believed that the US Constitution should treat every American equally, regardless of gender.

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AOC to Yoho: 'I am someone's daughter, too'

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke on the House floor Thursday about a heated exchange earlier this week with Florida Rep. Ted Yoho after which he reportedly called her a "f**king bitch," saying that by accosting her, he gave "permission to other men to do that to his daughters."

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Nintendo reveals 160,000 accounts were breached

Nintendo revealed on Friday that 160,000 accounts were breached since the beginning of April, by hackers using others' Nintendo Network IDs without permission. The company announced users will no longer need to use these IDs to log into their accounts, and that passwords on accounts that may have been breached will be reset.

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