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Severe weather forecast for parts of Gulf Coast

A Louisiana man died Friday night after strong winds knocked a tree into his mobile home, authorities say, as severe weather along the northern Gulf Coast puts nearly 65 million people are at risk. 

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Four crucial lessons for improving Covid-19 testing

Even as the number of administered Covid-19 vaccines grows, America's need for reliable access to Covid-19 testing will extend well into the future. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes, early data suggesting fully-vaccinated people are less likely to spread Covid-19 are promising, but "we're still learning how well Covid-19 vaccines keep people from spreading the disease" as well as "how effective the vaccines are against variants of the virus." Given this continued risk, it is important that the federal government remains focused on testing.

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How to safely celebrate Passover and Easter this year: Dr Wen's advice

Passover begins this Saturday, and Easter will soon be upon us. As more people are getting vaccinated, people are wondering what activities are safe. Is it OK for fully vaccinated people to get together for a Seder or Easter brunch? What about families gathering when some are vaccinated but others aren't yet?

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Volcanologist: The big question about Iceland's 'cute' volcano

The world is watching Fagradalsfjall volcano, in Iceland, which woke up this month after 700 years and is putting on a mesmerizing lava show. Volcanic eruptions are not often referred to as "cute," but some people are saying that about Fagradalsfjall. They are calling it a Disneyland eruption.

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South warned about long-track tornadoes

Over 50 million people are at risk of severe weather Thursday, from the central Gulf Coast through the Ohio River Valley, with a risk of long-track tornadoes, especially across the South.

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This app will show you what Indigenous land you're on

As the US grapples with history and becomes increasingly racially and culturally aware -- with ethnic studies curriculums in schools, recognition of the dangers of White supremacy, and growing social justice movements -- more people are acknowledging the keepers of the land now known as North America: Native Americans.

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A year of mostly living online made the internet weird again

On the audio-based app Clubhouse, people are gathering in virtual rooms to make whale moaning noises or to participate in silent meditation together. Hundreds of people on the popular gaming platform Discord started a server where they just send each other the letter "h" all day every day. And a new Twitter account created this week shows the same short clip of Tony Soprano crying in his car with different sad songs playing in the background and has quickly racked up thousands of followers.

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Clorox prepares for a return to normal by selling wipes to businesses

Clorox got a huge boost from worried consumers continually wiping down surfaces at home during the height of the pandemic. But now that more people are venturing out of their houses thanks to Covid-19 vaccines, Clorox is evolving its marketing strategy to focus more on businesses.

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