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Home sales are off the charts

Even amid a global pandemic and high unemployment, people are still buying homes at the fastest rate in years.

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Despite the state of things, there will be a turkey pardon

America is at an unsettling moment, with a resurgent pandemic and a president who refuses to accept the results of a national election. Most schoolchildren remain out of the classroom, people are working from their living rooms, restaurants are half-empty, social gatherings largely scaled back.

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Analysis: The global stakes of the US election

The world is living on the edge in a way it hasn't since World War II. Covid-19 has cut into our certainty, a million people are dead, and our lives are limited by it. But even as a crippling pandemic sweeps the globe, there is nothing more important today for most of us than the US presidential election.

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Analysis: Reassessing the racial stereotyping in 'Borat'

At a moment when people are reassessing racial and cultural caste -- and reexamining their insensitivity toward others -- it's worth revisiting the legacy of Sacha Baron Cohen's errant, mustachioed character, Borat, who returned in a sequel on Friday.

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Trump should be 'unmuted' at debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates is giving an enormous advantage to Donald Trump with its plan to mute the microphones of the candidates at Thursday night's presidential debate when they're not supposed to be speaking. That was likely not the commission's intent, and I realize President Trump and his spokespeople are fuming about it, but the mute button is a gift to the Trump campaign.

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