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This car has so many screens there's even one in the steering wheel

As if we don't spend enough time at home and at the office staring at screens, automakers now make cars where we're staring at them while we drive, too. Well, hopefully you don't really stare at them -- eyes on the road, people! -- but you're looking at them a lot. Almost all new cars these days have them.

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COLUMN-Commentary: Trust the People! Why I'm optimistic about Trump.

Nov 18 (Reuters) - I'm a Donald Trump optimist. Like the many who don't support him, I am alarmed that he won. But I don't believe he will be as bad as the worst fears. It's a very modest definition of optimism, but I think it's the best liberals can come up with. The worst fears are widespread, serious, and may yet prove to be well founded. Still, my main reason for "optimism" is America's tradition of liberty, its ineradicable pluralism - and (to sound a populist note) the American people.

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Police stoke Egypt's fever of violence

On June 30, in the streets of Alexandria, I watched crowds stream down Abu Qir street, one of the city's main roads, chanting: "The Police! The People! Are One Hand!" Officers posed for photos, waved Egyptian flags from pickup trucks jammed with anti-Morsy protesters and roared up Alexandria's wide boulevards on their motorcycles to cheers and waves.

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