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'Secrets of Playboy' pulls back the curtain on the dark side of Hugh Hefner's empire

The Playboy mystique and Hugh Hefner's legacy receive a serious debunking in "Secrets of Playboy," a 10-part A&E network docuseries that explores the dark side of the lifestyle Hefner sought to embody. Somewhat bloated in its format, there are plenty of disturbing revelations scattered here for those with the patience to reach them.

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The travel industry is getting hit again. Can it take it?

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading fast. But even as scientists urge patience while they assess the severity of the strain and its impact on the efficacy of vaccines, the travel industry is feeling the pain.

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Biden sends direct message to the unvaccinated

President Joe Biden shared a message to unvaccinated Americans as the nation continues to fight rising coronavirus cases and deaths. He implored them to get the vaccine, noting "we've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin."

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What kids really need this summer

At 7:15 every morning Monday through Friday I return to my house and collapse, exhausted, my patience frayed, anxious if it was a day when I'd lost my temper and already ready to go back to bed.

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What the pandemic's new normal looks like around the world, according to readers

Across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has brought isolation, shut down travel and shown there are few places to hide from a virus that preys on impatience. But this time of extremis has also yielded unexpected moments of humanity, personal connections and insight about the world, say "Meanwhile" readers.

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Analysis: Reopening of schools emerges as complex flashpoint for Biden administration

President Joe Biden's team is promising new guidance on school reopenings next week. But even as more Covid-19 vaccine shots go into arms two and half weeks into his administration, there is growing impatience and frustration among parents about the biggest question looming over their lives: when their children can get back in the classroom.

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Analysis: Biden urges patience as frustration grows over vaccine supply

While outlining his plan to halt the spread of the coronavirus last week, President Joe Biden tempered his ever-present optimism with a dose of realism about the potent staying power of this deadly pandemic and the fact that the nation's vaccine distribution system is a long way from becoming an efficient machine.

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Wall Street could call the 2020 election before the media does

With an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots to count, news organizations will probably exercise extreme caution before declaring a winner on the night of the election. Wall Street, on the other hand, isn't known for its patience.

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