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Senate gears up for marathon effort in push for Covid relief

The Senate is bracing for a marathon effort and a late night of voting on amendments before lawmakers take a final vote on President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill -- it's just not yet clear exactly when that will take place.

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World's first space hotel scheduled to open in 2027

If you're daydreaming of future travels while stuck at home during the pandemic, why fantasize about the beaches of Bali or the canals of Venice when vacationing in space could be in your future?

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See Fauci's reaction to states lifting mask mandates

CNN's Erin Burnett and Dr. Anthony Fauci discuss the governors of Texas and Mississippi deciding to ease their coronavirus restrictions, even completely lifting mask mandates, amid the pandemic.

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Losing our sense of control during the pandemic

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I was trying and failing miserably to open a plastic bag to tuck my broccoli into -- without licking my fingers for some much-needed traction because, well, pandemic -- when I nearly lost it.

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How to help your kids get enough sleep, especially during the Covid pandemic

Getting enough sleep was tough even before the pandemic. With disrupted routines, extra screen time and the incredible amount of stress most people face now, sleep routines seem to have gone quickly but quietly downhill. And from what I'm seeing in my child psychiatry practice — kids are suffering especially hard.

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The pandemic is taking an alarming toll on children

Almost a year into the pandemic, what began as a public health emergency is turning into a mental health crisis among our nation's children and adolescents as they struggle with social isolation, grief, and the switch to remote learning. It is becoming increasingly clear that this crisis will endure well beyond the pandemic.

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