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What 'vaccine passports' mean for your summer vacation

The words "vaccine passport" have a reassuring ring to them, perhaps conjuring up the image of a sleek, embossed document with watermarked pages and official stamps of approval. Flourished at border controls, it would open travel doors that, for so many of us, have been closed by Covid-19.

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These schools are producing a new generation of Black leaders

From Martin Luther King Jr. to Stacey Abrams, historically Black colleges and universities, also known as HBCUs, have a legacy of producing graduates who go on to change America. CNN Political Analyst Bakari Sellers asks current HBCU students how their schools are preparing them to step onto the pages of history.

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Opinion: Under Trump, the GOP may have lost its soul

Donald John Trump will be remembered as the only president in American history to be impeached on two separate occasions. He incited an insurrection that was in effect a frontal and physical assault on the constitutional order, the peaceful transfer of power, the vice president and the Congress itself. On top of an already shameful record, the events of January 6, 2021, will define Trump's legacy forever and stain the pages of American history.

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Why I am trying to put the brakes on Trump's pardon powers

The United States Constitution was designed to meet the evolving demands of our nation. In just a few short pages, it lays out a robust system of representative government that continues to serve as the basis for the oldest modern democracy in the world. That isn't just because of the brilliance of the framers, it's because of the American people's dedication to living up to the Constitution's promises and aspirations.

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Stop the Steal's disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone

It is an internet battle cry: Stop the Steal has swept across inboxes, Facebook pages and Twitter like an out-of-control virus, spreading misinformation and violent rhetoric -- and spilling into real life, like the protest planned for DC this weekend.

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How a crease in Biden's shirt spawned a debate conspiracy theory

Prior to the first Presidential debate, a baseless conspiracy theory inundated many Americans. The Trump campaign, Fox News, and a slew of Trump-supporting Facebook pages all fueled speculation that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden might wear a secret earpiece to assist him in his debate against President Trump.

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Rochester officials intentionally delayed the release of Daniel Prude body cam video

The city of Rochester, New York, released 325 pages of internal emails, police reports and other documents on Monday that show a concerted effort by police and city officials to delay the release of incriminating body camera footage in the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died after police pinned him to the ground in March.

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