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The latest trend in RV'ing: Boondocking

Recreational vehicle makers often boast how their RVs and trailers can feel just like home. Besides their cleverly packaged bathrooms and kitchenettes, when you park your rig at a campground you can find something else that will make you feel you never left home: neighbors.

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America's evictions crisis hits home

Twenty-month-old Israel Rodriguez's tiny head peeked over the second-story Houston apartment railing. His 4-year-old brother, Fabian, emerged next to him, holding a package of toilet paper and an empty baby bottle.

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The US economy needs more stimulus. Is any coming?

Economists are still calling for another US stimulus package to boost the economy as Americans head into an uncertain fall. But it's not clear that lawmakers can come to terms after talks stalled last month, especially as the November election nears.

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'Project Power' is a fast-paced mashup

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you burst into flames like the Human Torch in "Project Power," one of those Netflix action movies that probably would make some money if released into theaters. The undercooked plot works just well enough to fuel this vehicle for Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, mashing up old movies in a fast-paced package.

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Stalled stimulus talks could mean thousands of furloughs

The federal agency responsible for granting citizenship, providing immigration benefits and processing visa applications could furlough two-thirds of its workforce at the end of the month after negotiations over the next stimulus package stalled.

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Jake Tapper: How on Earth can Congress adjourn for the weekend?

The House and Senate have adjourned for the weekend without coming to an agreement on a new economic stimulus package despite the looming deadline for unemployment benefits that many have relied on during the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Manu Raju discusses with Jake Tapper.

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Opinion: The argument for cutting the $600 unemployment benefit doesn't add up

Earlier this week, Senate Republicans unveiled their stimulus proposal to help Americans who continue to suffer from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Included in the $1 trillion package is a proposal to cut the $600 weekly boost to unemployment insurance benefits, which is about to expire, to $200 per week for the next two months. Then, beginning in October, the unemployed would receive a payment that would replace 70% of their lost wages when combined with their state benefit. Those payments would continue through the end of the year.

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