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The best tablets of 2020

Tablets may have started out as luxury items — something people would break out to stream videos and scroll social media when their phones didn't suffice and laptops were too bulky to take on the go. But more and more, tablets have become full-fledged laptop replacements, with even the most affordable options able to withstand heavy tasks.

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Biden's not a charter school fan. Hear why Trump is

President Donald Trump has pushed for parents to have more options when it comes to sending their kids to public school. Joe Biden wants to focus on funding for struggling public schools to make education more equal.

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Opinion: The three words that can avert an election nightmare

The most important thing most voters need to know for this fall's election can be expressed in three words: Vote in person. That includes early in-person voting, as well as Election Day voting. That should be the message to voters who are not in unusually high-risk health categories. No doubt that will sound surprising, after all the fights to expand mail-in and absentee ballot options. Yet no action is more critical to avoiding an election nightmare.

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The best over-ear headphones of 2020

When you're looking to get the most out of your music, a great pair of headphones can make all the difference. Over-ear headphones, at times affectionately referred to as cans, can give you some of the best sound. But with such an abundance of options, it's not always easy to find the pair that'll fit your needs. How do you ensure you're getting the best quality? And, if you're on a budget, which ones strike the best balance between cost and quality?

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Trump advisers hesitated to give him military options over fears he might start a war

Amid escalating tensions with both North Korea and Iran, President Donald Trump's advisers hesitated to give him military options fearing the President might accidentally take the US to war and deliberately informed their counterparts in both countries that they did not know what the President would do next, multiple former administration officials tell me.

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Give us higher pay not woke words, says ex-driver taking on Uber in the UK

Yaseen Aslam never set out to drive for a living. But in 2006, laid off from his job in tech with few other options, he found work as a taxi driver. He stuck with it because it offered flexibility and paid well — £500 ($635) in a weekend, after expenses. In 2013, he was lured to a startup offering even more lucrative pay and bonuses: Uber.

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Robinhood trading app experiences trading outage

Robinhood Markets Inc, the fintech startup credited with helping popularize trading with millennials, said on Thursday it was experiencing a "major outage" in equities and options trading, as well as "degraded performance" in cryptocurrency trading.

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