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Opinion: Democrats are playing a dangerous game: 'Deal or End American Democracy'

If the ongoing negotiations over President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda were a game show, it would not be called "Deal or No Deal." Rather, it would be "Deal or End American Democracy." The stakes are much more than an historic opportunity to cut child poverty, expand Medicare, lower the cost of childcare, prescription drugs and higher education, and more.

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Opinion: Visiting Venice right now is the opportunity of a lifetime

Visiting Venice right now is the opportunity of a lifetime. The city, which invented quarantine -- quaranta giorni, or "40 days," referred to the wait-time for disembarking travelers from distant lands during the Great Plague -- would not have been on my list at any other time.

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Company sells $50,000 balloon rides to space

World View is offering the trip of a lifetime -- the opportunity to go to the edge of space. With tickets starting at $50,000, the price-tag is significantly lower than other offerings.

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Why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of September

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins Wednesday and will run through October 15, giving the United States an opportunity to recognize and celebrate members of our communities and their ancestors who hail from Mexico, parts of the Caribbean, Central and South America and Spain.

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Fact-checking RNC false tweet about Surgeon General's masks comments

The recent change of mask guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created some confusion and also ample opportunity for political attacks against President Joe Biden's administration, some of which rely on misinterpretations from partisan sources.

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Mauritius is looking to lure international homebuyers

As the pandemic shut down offices and ended commutes for workers around the world, it also encouraged many to rethink where and how they wanted to spend their time. For the tiny island nation of Mauritius, it was an opportunity to lure prospective international investors to its shores.

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Nationalist sentiment rises as China off to strong start at Olympics

The Olympics has long been an occasion for celebrating national pride. And for an increasingly confident China, the Tokyo Games is seen as the latest opportunity to showcase its national strength, as it looks to challenge the United States for top spot on the medal table.

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Meet Wally Funk, the 82-year-old who just went to space

After a half-century of waiting, Wally Funk — who trained for NASA's Mercury program but was denied the opportunity to go to space — has finally gotten her time amongst the stars. This morning she flew to space with the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, and Blue Origin paying customer Oliver Daemen on a ten-minute thrill ride.

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Why Japan's fastest man trains with a set of wheels

If the Olympics were held on time last year, Ryota Yamagata wouldn't have qualified. One year later, he's been named captain of the country's delegation at the games in Tokyo. CNN's Blake Essig sits down with the Olympian to talk about how he took advantage of the pandemic to earn the opportunity to represent Japan at Tokyo 2020.

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National Spelling Bee is an amazing opportunity

The National Spelling Bee, canceled in 2020 because of Covid-19, returns in 2021 with the live prime time finals on Thursday, July 8. This iconic American contest drew particular attention in 2019 because it ended in an eight-way tie.

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This July 4, remove the asterisk from US citizenship

July 4th is always a moment to consider what it means to be an American -- and who counts as a citizen -- but this year also offers a unique opportunity to consider the holiday's legacy and how we might live up to its potential. As the country continues to grapple with the systemic racism inherent in so many of our political and social institutions, we cannot overlook the persistent second-class status of Puerto Rico, Guam, the American Virgin Islands and other US territories.

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Opinion: Pride is a parenting opportunity

I work with a remarkable teenager who is figuring out where she fits in the LGBTQ+ community. Meanwhile, her mother is earnestly pressing her to dress and behave more "normal" and "straight."

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