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QAnon has hijacked this real organization's name

You might see people sharing the hashtag #SavetheChildren on social media. But much of this online activity has nothing to do with the respected and real Save the Children charity. Its name has been hijacked by followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

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Twitter's latest target? Fake Black Trump supporters

Twitter says it has suspended a number of fake accounts pretending to be Black supporters of President Donald Trump that have been reaching thousands online. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan has more.

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Opinion: A virtual debate means America wins and Trump loses

The President of the United States is scared, and it's starting to show. Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19, as have more than a dozen people close to him, including several sitting senators, members of his debate prep team, several members of his staff, his campaign manager and his own wife, first lady Melania Trump. The organizers of his next debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden, which was scheduled for Thursday of next week, wisely announced a plan to move the debate to an online format. After all, who in their right mind would put a coronavirus patient in an enclosed room with other people, including vulnerable American voters and at least one other senior citizen, for at least 90 minutes of yelling and spewing?

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Nobel reminds us why Glück's poetry matters now

In spring, as I was preparing to teach my poetry course, remotely and online, in the first months of the pandemic, I decided to scrap my syllabus and to teach books that had changed me utterly, as a person and as a writer -- books I have carried with me through the years, from apartment to apartment in tattered copies, books that have grown and changed with me.

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H&M is closing 250 stores

H&M is closing 250 stores next year because of the coronavirus pandemic, as people increasingly shop online.

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