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Buttigieg: There needs to be 'a clear direction' on infrastructure talks by June 7

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that there needs to be "a clear direction" on infrastructure talks by the time Congress returns from its recess next week, calling ongoing negotiations over the administration's sweeping proposal "encouraging" while stressing that the public expects action on the issue soon.

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Corrections officers working at jail where Jeffrey Epstein was being held when he died strike deal, will cooperate with IG review

Two Bureau of Prisons guards who were on duty at the Metropolitan Correctional Center when Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide have entered into agreements with Manhattan prosecutors that could end the criminal case against them if they cooperate with an ongoing Department of Justice Inspector General review, authorities said Friday.

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Analysis: Why the United Nations is stuck on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The deadly ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the kind of challenge you might think the United Nations could address. After all, it played a major role in establishing Israel as a state more than 70 years ago, what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba or "catastrophe." But it's not doing much on this one.

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Fact-checking allegations of irregularities in controversial Arizona audit

As Republicans continue to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election, the controversial audit taking place in Arizona's Maricopa County is receiving national attention over charges of election irregularities. Following a pause in the audit, Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas and former President Donald Trump weighed in on the ongoing dispute between the Arizona state Senate President, the Arizona Secretary of State's office and Maricopa County over this so-called audit.

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How organizers plan to make the Olympics happen

Despite protests from the public, skepticism from stakeholders and an ongoing state of emergency in Tokyo and other prefectures, organizers maintain that the Olympics will still go ahead later this year.

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Backyard tigers spell trouble

The ongoing saga of a tiger found wandering in a Houston neighborhood Sunday, and the arrest of its apparent caretaker -- as the cat has gone missing -- has captivated America. Houston may be the last place you would expect to see a tiger roam, but private ownership and breeding of big cats is a Texas-sized problem in the United States. While tiger ownership is banned in Houston, it is legal in other parts of Texas.

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