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GOP convention in Charlotte closed to press

The dramatically scaled-down Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be closed to the press, a convention spokesperson and Republican official familiar with the plans tell CNN.

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Experts now question if face masks are enough. Find out why

Public health officials have been stressing the importance of wearing face masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus for months, but many experts are now urging the use of face shields and eye goggles as well. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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ICE chief to depart agency

Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting Director Matt Albence is retiring from the agency he has led since last year, according to a Department of Homeland Security official.

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Trump's decision to move troops from Germany slammed as 'a gift to Putin'

President Donald Trump's decision to pull nearly 12,000 US troops from Germany triggered an onslaught of disapproval from Republicans, Democrats and former senior military officials, who said the move will benefit Russia, degrade US national security and military readiness, cost US taxpayers billions and undermine US relations with Germany, NATO and Europe.

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Competing with China? The US has disarmed itself

The Trump administration's decision to eject China from its Houston consulate on a spying accusation is the latest move in a spate of US policies and actions that target Beijing. In recent weeks, the administration has sanctioned high-level Chinese officials, revoked Hong Kong's special commercial status, and delivered several high-level speeches directed at China — including on Thursday, in which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stopped just short of calling for regime change.

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Portland mayor demands meeting to talk 'cease-fire'

The Democratic mayor of Portland is calling for an immediate meeting with acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and other top officials at the department to "discuss a cease-fire" and the removal of federal officers sent there to quell protests.

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