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China to test thousands of Wuhan blood samples in Covid-19 probe

China is preparing to test tens of thousands of blood bank samples from the city of Wuhan as part of a probe into the origins of Covid-19, according to a Chinese official. The move comes amid increasing calls for transparency over the emergence of the virus.

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Four takeaways from Facebook whistleblower's complaints

Facebook's week is off to a tumultuous start. On Monday, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram went down for about six hours. On Tuesday, Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower, testified before a Senate subcommittee, following the release of thousands of pages of internal research and documents.

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Whistleblower: Facebook will lose money if they fix algorithm. And they know it

The identity of the Facebook whistleblower who released tens of thousands of pages of internal research and documents was revealed on "60 Minutes." CNN's Brian Stelter reports Frances Haugen, the former Facebook product manager who worked on civic integrity issues at the company, says the documents show the company knows its platforms are used to spread hate, violence and misinformation, and that they tried to hide that evidence. Facebook has aggressively pushed back against the reports.

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Power could be out for weeks in Louisiana

The power is off for nearly a million customers in Louisiana after a Category 4 storm slammed into the region. But that's not the biggest problem facing the storm-ravaged state: It's the possibility of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people going weeks, if not longer, before power is restored.

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ISIS slaughtered my Yazidi community. We don't want your pity -- we want justice.

Thoughts and prayers. Promises of "never again." They are not enough. Seven years after ISIS committed genocide against the Yazidi community, my ethno-religious minority, in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people remain internally displaced and more than 2,800 women and children remain missing. Shelter, clean water, health care and education are luxuries, if available at all.

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