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Analysis: Trump gets what he wants in Big 10 football flip, but he's failing in the Midwest

President Donald Trump got his football wish: The Big 10 college football conference will begin playing in late October. Trump had been pushing for the league, which has schools in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin among others, to start playing and had talks with the league. The league had previously announced a suspension of its schedule.

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Reporter: Trump campaign's new ad almost comically deceptive

Attacks ads are nothing new, but the Trump campaign's use of manipulation is in a class of its own, says CNN's Daniel Dale. He deconstructs the Trump team's newest, egregious ad and takes a look at some of the tricks the campaign uses over and over again.

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Germany is a victim of its own success at fighting coronavirus

It was a woman with blonde dreadlocks who capped off one of the biggest anti-coronavirus demonstrations in Europe on Saturday, which saw tens of thousands of anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and the far-right march through the German capital, Berlin.

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Jeep gives us a glimpse of its new Grand Wagoneer

Classic SUVs are on the comeback trail. Following the long-awaited return of the Ford Bronco in July, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is getting ready to bring back a couple of its own well-loved SUV nameplates, the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

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How Macron's visit sent Lebanon to 1920

On Lebanon's centenary Tuesday, French jets whizzed over the mountains of its former mandate as a French president planted a cedar tree declaring the country's "rebirth."

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