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What we owe health workers

Those on the pandemic's frontlines -- health and care workers, including nurses -- risk their lives every day to treat their patients. They face high risk of infection with Covid-19; the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated in May, almost certainly a substantial underestimate, that a stunning 115,000 or more had already died from Covid-19. By July, the death toll was estimated at 200 each and every day since the pandemic began.

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Video of child taken to quarantine alone gains attention in China

A video of a small child wearing a hazmat suit and undergoing a CT scan all by himself has gone viral after being posted on a Chinese social media app by a nurse in Fujian province where authorities are trying to curb China's latest outbreak of the Delta variant. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

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The pandemic sheds new light on an old problem

As she held up her cell phone to take back-to-school selfies with the new school resource officers last week, the excitement of the first day swept through Liz Pray just as it had in previous years. But Pray, a school nurse, was nervous, too.

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