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Despite big travel numbers, airlines aren't roaring back yet

Leisure air travel in the United States is on track to recover much more quickly than originally expected, thanks to the expedited distribution of vaccines, recent Covid-19 relief and economic stimulus legislation and pent-up demand. We now predict leisure travel in the United States will return to 2019 levels by early 2022. But even with the uptick in bookings, the industry still faces tough challenges ahead.

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Biden's border coordinator is stepping down

President Joe Biden's border coordinator is stepping down at the end of the month, the White House announced Friday -- an unusual time given the administration is dealing with record numbers of unaccompanied migrant children at the US southern border.

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Analysis: Amazon is on edge over Alabama union vote

For more than two decades, Amazon has bulldozed over bricks-and-mortar businesses, hired and churned through vast numbers of workers and even pitted cities against each other to bid for its second headquarters, all in service to its seemingly bottomless thirst for growth and satisfying customers. Its dominance was only further cemented in the last year by the pandemic, as households across the country leaned on the company for deliveries.

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Don't throw away your masks yet

The US is entering a confusing time in the pandemic with vaccine distribution numbers soaring to new heights at the same time infection rates tick up nationwide.

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Melinda Gates: Women are leaving workforce in huge numbers

CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Melinda Gates on International Women's Day about what governments can do to support women after the United Nations said the coronavirus pandemic has driven 47 million women out of the workforce.

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Thousands of students dropped out due to the pandemic. These educators are tracking them down

The pandemic has hit education systems hard nationwide as students fall through the cracks, unable to keep up under the strain of virtual learning and other Covid-19-related challenges. As schools return to in-person learning, officials are now hoping students will return. With enrollment and attendance numbers down, educators in cities like New Orleans are tracking down these students to get them back into school.

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