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With 'alloparenting,' moms and dads don't have to go it alone, experts say

The Mommy Wars -- the alleged battle between working moms and stay-at-home moms -- rests on a number of fictions. One is the myth that working moms neglect their children. In fact, many of today's working moms spend more time with their children than moms from previous generations who didn't work outside their home.

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Why the explosion in unruly air passengers?

It feels as if every day we read about another disorderly passenger on a commercial flight. But in reality, the numbers are even worse than that. Since January, the Federal Aviation Administration recorded approximately 2,900 reports of "unruly behavior by passengers" -- which comes out to almost 18 incidents per day.

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Opinion: Biden and Harris' perilous journey

"Wailing in fear," the crew of Odysseus' boat row toward two "enormous crags." To starboard was the cave of Scylla, a "terrible, savage, wild" creature with 12 legs, six "long swaying necks, a hideous head on each ... barbed with a triple row of fangs." To port was "awesome Charybdis," a treacherous whirlpool. As the panicked sailors stare at the churning water, six of their number are snatched by the monster and swallowed up.

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Watergate journalist on Trump: This is not Nixon

Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein explains the differences between former Presidents Donald Trump and Richard Nixon following reports the Department of Justice under Trump demanded data on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses related to lawmakers.

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White men not the only Americans stocking up on guns

Pandemic fears, social unrest and political polarization have contributed to Americans buying guns in record numbers. 4.7 million firearms were sold in March of 2021, the most in a month since the FBI started counting more than 20 years ago. CNN's Nick Watt reports.

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Covid-19 cases are falling, but experts say kids should still get a vaccine when they can. Here's why

As a pediatric infectious disease specialist, Dr. Amy Edwards has fielded a lot of questions from worried parents during the pandemic. As case numbers drop -- among children, Covid-19 cases have fallen to levels not seen since October -- the question she's getting is: Do younger children really need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 when a shot becomes available?

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The rest of the world is far from 'normal'

As rich nations prepare for a return to some sort of post-pandemic normalcy, aided by high vaccination rates, many poorer countries are struggling with explosive case numbers and rising Covid-19 deaths amid a dearth of shots.  

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