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Footage shows ships damaged by fire at Iranian port city

A fire has damaged at least seven vessels in a port city in Iran, acording to state media. Just two weeks after a fire at a nuclear complex, it's the latest in a series of mysterious incidents at key locations around the country. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports.

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Opinion: While Trump wages a political war, dangerous conflicts unfold in Asia

While the United States has been wrecked by domestic crises for most of 2020, the rest of the world hasn't stopped turning. Instead, many global threats -- like North Korea -- have grown in breadth and depth while the administration has scrambled to belatedly battle the Covid-19 pandemic and to deal with domestic divisions and the outcry over police brutality and systemic racism. Concurrently, while President Donald Trump has been waging a war on his perceived political enemies, tensions between China and India, two nuclear armed powers, have escalated with fatal consequences.

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MORNING BID-Green shoots but also job losses and geopolitics

(A look at the day ahead from EMEA deputy markets editor Sujata Rao. The views expressed are her own.) As if economic and pandemic troubles were not enough, the world's two most populous countries are engaged in border clashes that have killed at least 20 Indian soldiers and almost certainly some Chinese. Then nuclear-armed North Korea blew up a liaison office with the South and moved military police into the demilitarised zone.

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