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Hear Joe Biden's speech

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivered remarks in WIlmington, Delaware, as votes continue to be tallied in key battleground states.

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John King: This is what happened in Pennsylvania

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has taken the lead in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania. CNN's John King explains how winning the state would give him an insurmountable lead over President Donald Trump.

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SE Cupp: This is all happening the way Trump demanded

After President Donald Trump gained an early lead in Georgia, mail-in ballots are now trending the state in Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's favor. SE Cupp says that after months of condemning mail-in ballots, this situation is one President Trump asked for.

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Early takeaways from election night

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are still locked in a tight race for the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

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Biden campaign blames Facebook for $500,000 in lost fundraising

Democratic nominee Joe Biden's campaign said Thursday it had lost out on more than $500,000 in potential campaign donations this week and blamed Facebook after issues with the social media's advertising systems had prevented the campaign from running some ads soliciting donations.

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Biden makes play for red states in final days of campaign as Trump narrows his focus

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign is making a late push into deeper-red states in the final week before the 2020 election, chasing a number of possible paths to 270 electoral votes while President Donald Trump focuses on defending a narrower set of states that he won four years ago but where polls show he now trails.

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