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Virginia's governor signs legislation banning no-knock warrants

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday signed police reform legislation that includes a ban on no-knock warrants, making the state the third in the country to outlaw no-knock, forcible-entry raids frequently used by law enforcement to serve narcotics search warrants.

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Breonna Taylor settlement is not close to justice

On Tuesday, the City of Louisville, Kentucky, finally settled a wrongful death lawsuit in the killing of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT shot dead in her own house by police officers who entered on a no-knock warrant. The settlement is for $12 million, every penny of which Taylor's family deserves, and not a single cent of which will bring her back.

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The countdown for answers in Breonna Taylor case looms as patience waivers

It has been more than 160 days since Breonna Taylor, an EMT and aspiring nurse, was killed in her own home when three plainclothes Louisville police officers executing a "no-knock" warrant returned gunfire after her boyfriend fired a warning shot because he thought he was shooting at intruders.

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