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Biden swamps Trump on the airwaves ahead of final debate

Joe Biden is off the campaign trail as he prepares for Thursday night's debate, but his campaign is pressing its advantage on the airwaves, where he is vastly outspending President Donald Trump across the map in the presidential race's final two weeks.

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Trump should be 'unmuted' at debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates is giving an enormous advantage to Donald Trump with its plan to mute the microphones of the candidates at Thursday night's presidential debate when they're not supposed to be speaking. That was likely not the commission's intent, and I realize President Trump and his spokespeople are fuming about it, but the mute button is a gift to the Trump campaign.

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Analysis: Trump just lost his go-to debate move

On Monday night, the Commission on Presidential Debates unanimously approved a new rule for Thursday night's final debate that will make it virtually impossible for Donald Trump to be, well, Donald Trump.

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How to watch tonight's Trump and Biden town halls

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are expected to participate in competing town halls on Thursday, the same day both presidential candidates were originally scheduled to debate.

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Mike Pence's upside-down world

Anything would have been better than the first debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. So, Wednesday night's vice presidential debate, in some respects, had a lower bar to clear.

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Biden's secret body language weapon

The fact that Tuesday night's debate in Cleveland was more of a crash than a clash will no doubt dominate the media coverage and people's memory of the event. No matter how much we would like to wipe the image of that disgraceful spectacle from our consciousness, the indelible stain of a President of the United States behaving like a juvenile delinquent initiating a food fight will be tough to erase. But what may get overlooked amid the pandemonium that erupted at the first of three showdowns between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was the stark contrast in the two candidates' body language.

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