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The most important thing Bloomberg needs to do

Wednesday's debate in Nevada was challenging for former Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Although he was able to get a barb or two in late in the night, for the first hour of the debate, Bloomberg became the political piñata I had warned about in a CNN column, arguing that "he would be better off staying off the national stage, letting his ads do the talking for now -- at least until after Super Tuesday."

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Apple needs a 5G iPhone more than ever

Whatever high Apple executives were on in January after the company posted record earnings and strong iPhone sales during the holiday quarter has likely faded. The tech giant is having a rough month.

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Opinion: Our economy needs this tax cut to become permanent

While the budget proposal released from the White House last week has led to some partisan bickering, there is at least one provision of the Trump administration's budget proposal that already has bipartisan backing: the extension of the 2017 small business tax cuts.

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