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Cillizza: The real reason Donald Trump skipped the 2nd debate

On its face, President Donald Trump's immediate insistence that he would not participate in a virtual second debate made very little political sense. After all, he needs more chances to take on Joe Biden, as the former VP continues to rise in the polls. Upon further examination, though, Trump's decision makes sense for one reason and one reason only. He sees this as an opportunity to continue to build the case, if he loses this November -- for why.

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Opinion: The Republican who could help defeat Trump

After the nation and the world witnessed President Donald Trump's selfish and dangerous game of political theater ever since he tested positive for Covid-19, there remains no doubt: Trump is not fit to hold the office now, and he certainly shouldn't be allowed to govern for another four years. America needs to put this unwitting experiment in kakistocracy to an abrupt end, and the best man to do that is former President George W. Bush by endorsing Joe Biden for president.

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The BREATHE Act is the policy change US needs

The grand jury's decision to not charge the officers who killed Breonna Taylor was heartbreaking in its familiarity. From Eric Garner to Michael Brown to Sandra Bland and now Breonna Taylor, the murder of Black people by law enforcement in this country often seems not to be considered a crime. The grand jury in Kentucky played into this painful feedback loop, charging one officer out of three for wanton endangerment, but not for taking Breonna's life.

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Maximize your desk space with these smart organizing products

Creating a functional home workspace is a small project that will yield big rewards. Whether you're setting up a work-from-home space, classroom or studying area, these smart space savers and organizing tips will help you create a desk that works for your needs.

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