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National Security Adviser takes shot at top general in open rift on Afghanistan

In an ongoing open rift among the most senior officials in the Trump administration, White House National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien seemingly took a shot Friday at the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, following Milley's public skepticism about the White House's announcement that the US will aggressively reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan by the end of the year no matter what.

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Bhanu Athaiya, India's first Oscar winner, dies age 91

India's first ever Oscar winner, costume designer Bhanu Athaiya, has died at the age of 91. Athaiya, dressed the casts of over 100 Bollywood movies and gained international acclaim for her work on the 1982 movie "Gandhi."

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Trump raises $135 million less than Biden as former VP outpaces him for another month

President Donald Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee announced a joint fundraising haul of $247.8 million in the month of September -- up from the $210 million the GOP raised in August, but far behind the massive total raised by former Vice President Joe Biden and Democrats in the final stretch of the campaign.

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Why your vote could be a life-or-death decision

After months of downplaying the dangers of the novel coronavirus, President Donald Trump has received no-expense-spared, cutting-edge treatment for his Covid-19 infection. Of course, it is reasonable that the President of the United States and commander in chief is treated aggressively -- the country's national security and leadership continuity are vital to our well-being and safety.

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Lockdown or a drip feed of Covid restrictions? One path is better for the economy

Governments across Europe are choosing between two vastly different strategies as a second wave of Covid-19 arrives in force. Most are imposing limited local restrictions and keeping their economies open. But in the UK and Ireland, scientific advisers have pushed for second national lockdowns, despite fears of an economic shock.

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Opinion: White House's new Covid-19 strategy is madness

As if Donald Trump's irresponsibility was not already a national tragedy, the White House seems now to favor a controversial approach to Covid-19 that threatens to bring nothing less than mass suffering.

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Top US general pushes back at troop withdrawal announcement

America's most senior general publicly pushed back Sunday at an announcement by President Donald Trump's national security adviser that the US will aggressively reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan by the end of the year irrespective of conditions on the ground.

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The last-minute push reflects the mounting risk of the President's decision to walk away from the virtual debate when he is trailing in national polls and in a number of key swing states

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign and the White House are pushing for an in-person presidential debate after Trump -- who has repeatedly flouted best public health practices since his Covid-19 diagnosis -- declined last week to participate in a virtual format.

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