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See star-studded 'Princess Bride' remake

Streaming platform Quibi's "Home Movie: The Princess Bride" featured a range of famous celebrities who recorded their scenes at home in Covid-19 lockdown.

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Batman director dies at 80

Joel Schumacher, an eclectic director whose career ranged from a pair of divisive Batman movies to "St. Elmo's Fire," died Monday after a year-long battle with cancer, a representative for Schumacher told CNN. He was 80.

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'Hamilton' movie trailer released

Disney has released the first trailer for "Hamilton", the filmed version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that will be released on their subscription streaming service on July 3.

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Opinion: The right title for Bolton's book

Most stories -- movies, novels, even historical accounts -- have a protagonist. But the story of Ambassador John Bolton's book release -- not to mention the revelations in the book itself -- will sadly just include a lot of bad American apples.

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It turns out your favorite movie is racist. What now?

Last week, novelist, director and television writer John Ridley -- an Academy Award winner for his screenplay for the movie "12 Years a Slave" -- wrote a brief but compelling op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, asking HBO (a sister company of CNN under the ownership of WarnerMedia) to take the movie "Gone With the Wind" off of its much-hyped new streaming platform HBO Max.

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Opinion: Why we can't turn away from 'Gone with the Wind'

Just before the Covid-19 quarantine, I joined my fellow hosts on Turner Classic Movies for an "Old Hollywood" fashion photo shoot for Emmy Magazine. But when the spread came out, I could not bring myself to post the photos to my social media. As an African American cinema and media studies professor, how could I promote the glamour of classic Hollywood when our current media landscape was exploding with scenes of racial crisis?

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