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Just say it: Yes, I'm menstruating

In a recent unaired, cut-for-time commercial parody on "Saturday Night Live," Phoebe Waller-Bridge asks Aidy Bryant for a tampon, but doesn't want to do the hand-off in their college classroom. Bryant tells her not to worry, because she carries Tampax Secrets: tampons that come wrapped inside "other things you'd rather take out of your bag in public" -- a litany of humorously awful things to take out in public, including dog feces, a dead mouse, a "respectfully folded Confederate flag," and a signed copy of "Mein Kampf." The message here is clear: women are conditioned to be so ashamed and secretive about our periods that we'd rather be seen carrying around a dead mouse than a pad or tampon.

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Disney's Bedtime Hotline is here to help

Can't get your kid to go to sleep? Is said kid obsessed with superheroes, princesses, Mickey Mouse or an ancient green alien? Would the kid finally sleep if the chosen object of obsession sweetly asked them to?

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9 of the best places to visit in 'Old Florida'

Does the idea of spending some time in the Magic Kingdom with the Mickey Mouse gang leave you thinking "Oh, rats!"? Does the idea of spending time with the hot people of Miami's trendy South Beach leave you cold?

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Russi Taylor dies

Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse since the mid-1980s, has died, according to the Walt Disney Company. She was 75.

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