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Photos challenge negative stereotypes of Appalachia

In the coal-mining towns of southeastern Ohio, nestled in the Appalachian mountains, photographer Rich-Joseph Facun has worked on a visual study of a region that has been stereotyped for decades. Appalachia has often been viewed one-dimensionally, saddled in associations related to poverty and opioid use, and deemed "Trump Country" during the 2016 election.

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Opinion: What a brutal Confederate general taught me about America

As a schoolchild growing up in Tennessee, I visited the battlefields of Fort Pillow and Shiloh and toured Andrew Jackson's home, the Hermitage. When I was a teenager, I haunted the blues clubs of Beale Street (the ones that would let me in without ID). I have watched football at the Liberty Bowl and basketball and bands at the Pyramid (before it became a Bass Pro Shop), I have driven through the Smoky Mountains and walked the floor of the Tennessee State House. (I have not been to Dollywood. I know, I hate myself too.)

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A California family recalled a harrowing escape before their home was swallowed by flames. 'We're nomads'

Toby Wait and his family have prepared to flee a number of wildfires that have burned through the rugged and dry mountains of Central California. But none were as ferocious or fast-moving as what the long-time residents of Big Creek faced this week when flames overwhelmed their community, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night and reduced their home to ashes.

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How Macron's visit sent Lebanon to 1920

On Lebanon's centenary Tuesday, French jets whizzed over the mountains of its former mandate as a French president planted a cedar tree declaring the country's "rebirth."

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Amazon's new wearable will judge your tone

Amazon has tried to make its services and products an indispensable part of people's day, from putting its Alexa voice assistant everywhere to selling virtually everything on In the process, it's collected mountains of data.

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Mexican woman snags Guinness World Records title

Viridiana Álvarez Chávez was 28 when she first started exercising. She was 36 when she broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest ascent of the top three highest mountains with supplementary oxygen (female) in only one year and 364 days.

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