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McAuliffe called Northam's yearbook photo racist. Months later, he struck a different tone

After publicly condemning Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's decades-old racist yearbook photo in February 2019 as "racist, unacceptable and inexcusable at any age," Terry McAuliffe, who is now running to succeed Northam, struck a different tone just a few months later, dismissing the photo as a youthful mistake -- and even denying it was Northam in the photo at all.

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Royal Caribbean announces nine-month world cruise

It would've been unthinkable 12 months ago as the cruise industry reeled from the effects of Covid, but one operator is now offering an epic new voyage that will last nine months and take travelers to more than 150 destinations.

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Bill Gates: Vaccines for the world

Today, 46% of the world's population has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. It's hard to overstate what a remarkable achievement this is. Humanity has never made and distributed a vaccine for a disease faster than it did for Covid-19. It accomplished in 18 months something that used to take a decade or more.

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GOP senators who voted to convict Trump are now shrugging at latest warnings

Seven Senate Republicans defied former President Donald Trump by voting to convict him for inciting an insurrection after losing the 2020 election. But eight months later, they're largely responding with a collective shrug to warnings again he's taking steps to try to overturn the 2024 election, telling CNN they see no reason yet to be alarmed.

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