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Jill Biden and the Duchess of Cambridge: This is what our kids deserve

The last year has seen so many challenges as the world has confronted the Covid-19 pandemic. Both of us have had the immense privilege of talking to many of those on the front lines of the pandemic response, and continue to express unyielding gratitude for all of their efforts. There are still uncertain months ahead and we must all continue to do our part to support essential workers and to keep our friends and families safe.

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'Jill from Philly' meets the Queen

Almost five months into her new job, Jill Biden is still revealing what kind of first lady she wants to be, but one thing is already clear: you can call her "Jill."

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Carbon dioxide in the air at highest level since measurements began

Despite a massive reduction in commuting and in many commercial activities during the early months of the pandemic, the amount of carbon in Earth's atmosphere in May reached its highest level in modern history, a global indicator released on Monday showed.

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Inside the back-and-forth happening behind the scenes of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices have known for months whether the Affordable Care Act will be struck down. They've decided whether a Catholic social service agency may refuse to screen same-sex couples as foster parents. And they've resolved whether a school wrongly disciplined a cheerleader who posted a profane Snapchat rant when she failed to make varsity.

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