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Wife of detained Nicaraguan activist says regime 'willing to kill'

She says she feels angry and desperate, but the way she speaks and what she says make it clear that she refuses to be afraid. Berta Valle is the wife of Félix Maradiaga Blandón, one of at least seven opposition leaders who have been detained in Nicaragua so far this month.

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Jill Biden and the Duchess of Cambridge: This is what our kids deserve

The last year has seen so many challenges as the world has confronted the Covid-19 pandemic. Both of us have had the immense privilege of talking to many of those on the front lines of the pandemic response, and continue to express unyielding gratitude for all of their efforts. There are still uncertain months ahead and we must all continue to do our part to support essential workers and to keep our friends and families safe.

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'Jill from Philly' meets the Queen

Almost five months into her new job, Jill Biden is still revealing what kind of first lady she wants to be, but one thing is already clear: you can call her "Jill."

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Opinion: Colonial Pipeline's recovered Bitcoin ransom is a ray of hope

Earlier this week, CNN broke the story that the Justice Department and FBI were able to recover $2.3 million of the nearly $5 million worth of Bitcoin Colonial Pipeline paid to DarkSide, the ransomware gang whose attack was responsible for Colonial Pipeline shutting down East Coast operations last month.

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Carbon dioxide in the air at highest level since measurements began

Despite a massive reduction in commuting and in many commercial activities during the early months of the pandemic, the amount of carbon in Earth's atmosphere in May reached its highest level in modern history, a global indicator released on Monday showed.

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What the birds are trying to tell us

As the Covid-19 pandemic shut down cities across the globe, many of us — whether stuck inside gazing out at our birdfeeders or strolling close to home -- found comfort in nature, and in particular, the joy of birds. There's a good chance that those who have been paying attention this past month saw a bird they hadn't seen in a while. Billions of birds travel across our hemisphere throughout the spring, a time for renewal and change, making stops along the way in our backyards, parks and perched by our windows.

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