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Dramatic temperature shift in store for many frozen locations

After a historic blast of arctic air, unusual southern snow and a series of crippling ice storms across much of the nation, weather models are hinting at a dramatic shift to warmer temperatures for millions of people over the next 7 to 10 days.

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The incredible stories behind 5 of the world's most expensive watches

A little over 30 years ago, Geneva's Antiquorum pioneered the modern watch auction with its "Art of Patek Philippe" sale. Before then, the notion that fine watches were collectable was rather eccentric -- it took the rise of cheap electronic quartz models throughout the 1970s and '80s to distinguish traditionally crafted timepieces as more than just keepers of time.

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Amazon and Walmart are selling AirPods at an all-time low price right now

Apple AirPods are sure to be on a lot of holiday shopping lists this year, and for good reason: These true wireless earbuds offer fast and easy connectivity, auto play/pause and instant pairing to all your Apple devices. And as we head into Black Friday, we're already seeing deals on three different AirPods models.

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Your old iPhone is worth big bucks. Here's why

Apple this week widened the price range for its flagship smartphones, announcing the iPhone 12 mini at $699 for users who balk at spending over $1,000 for more premium models.

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Opinion: Trump wasted a big opportunity

After roughly 20 minutes of trying to pin down President Donald Trump on why he models dangerous behavior during a pandemic, NBC's Savannah Guthrie spoke for most Americans in frustration by pointing out he was the President of the United States, not someone's "crazy uncle." But for anyone watching Thursday night, what they got was a full dose of America's crazy uncle.

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Refurbished Roombas are up to $400 off for a limited time

Spending more time in the house has unfortunately led to a little more cleaning — after all, we're living in our spaces more than we ever used to. Vacuuming, luckily, is one of the tasks you can outsource to a robot, and while Roombas can run a little pricey, a few refurbished models direct from iRobot are currently on sale for up to $400 off.

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Where is the iPhone 12?

Consumers who tuned in to Apple's signature early September event hoping to hear tantalizing details about the forthcoming iPhone 12 were treated instead to an hour-long infomercial detailing the company's latest Apple Watch models and a refreshed line of mid-range and low-cost iPads.

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Analysis: Shy Trump voters are likely a myth, but polls aren't perfect

Poll of the week: A new Monmouth University poll from Iowa finds President Donald Trump at 48% to former Vice President Joe Biden's 45% among registered voters. That result is within the margin of error, and the race becomes even tighter (a tie or just 2 points separating the candidates) among two different likely voter models.

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Black trans model Jari Jones fronts Calvin Klein's Pride campaign

In front of a massive Calvin Klein billboard in Manhattan, Black transgender model, actress and activist Jari Jones popped a bottle of champagne while her own likeness looked down over the city streets. The image of herself she was celebrating is part of Calvin Klein's 2020 Pride campaign #PROUDINMYCALVINS, which features a cast of nine LGBTQ models including Jones, who identifies as a transqueer lesbian.

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