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'In the Heights' is glorious -- with something missing

From its opening sequence, Lin Manuel Miranda's new film "In the Heights" (adapted from the stage musical of the same name) spells out its Disney-ish conceit for the audience. "Once upon a time in a far-away land called Nueva York," his lead character Usnavi, played by Anthony Ramos, assures a group of small children seated around him at a mythical Caribbean beach. "The streets were made of music."

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Opinion: What to expect from Trump's summer grievance tour

It feels a little like something is missing. It's as if a screaming siren has been suddenly switched off and replaced by an unnerving silence. But don't worry. The noise is coming back. Former President Donald Trump told One America News Network he's planning a summer rally tour of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia.

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How to stop violence against Native women

For too long in America, Native women and girls have gone missing without a trace, leaving families desperate for answers. Others have been found murdered, yet their cases remain unsolved.

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