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America calls out sick

Montclair Bread Co. closed last weekend after a quarter of the staff tested positive for Covid-19. The bakery missed out on 25% of its monthly sales.

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Omicron is tearing through low-wage workers

McDonald's manager Deatric Edie was hospitalized last year after getting Covid-19. She missed two months of work, while her bills piled up and an eviction notice was slapped on her door.

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Why was this weekend's F1 title so controversial?

This Sunday, Max Verstappen clinched his first Formula One World Championship by beating Lewis Hamilton in a controversial season finale at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Verstappen was declared champion -- but only after both teams spent hours in the steward's box, after Hamilton's Mercedes team launched two protests against the hotly contested result, which were dismissed by officials.

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My family's Omicron question: What do we do now?

On the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, my wife, two kids, and I prepared to drive from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Omaha, Nebraska. We were all so eager to resume a family tradition that we had missed in last year's terrible winter. As we packed our suitcases, chose snacks for the road, and filled coolers with pumpkin and pecan pie, two different kinds of cranberry sauce, and a vat of my wife's famous mashed potatoes, life felt comfortingly normal.

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Opinion: What the election takeaways are getting wrong

Efforts to diagnose Democratic defeat in Virginia, a state which has trended reliably blue in recent years due to its northern suburbs and which President Biden won by 10 points, have missed the mark.

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Indonesia signals about-face on COP26 deforestation pledge

Indonesia's environment minister has dismissed as "inappropriate and unfair" a global plan to end deforestation by 2030, days after her country, home to a third of the world's rainforests, joined 127 other nations in making the deforestation pledge.

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Prince Andrew's attorneys ask to dismiss US sex assault lawsuit

Attorneys for Prince Andrew are asking for a lawsuit filed against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre to be dismissed, saying it violates the terms of a settlement agreement with sex offender and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, where she agreed to a "general release" of claims against the two men and others.

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Must-watch videos you may have missed

An Amazon delivery goes hilariously wrong, a man captures an alligator in a trash can, and a rock legend rolls through a bar unnoticed. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

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