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CNN goes inside US surveillance flight over the Black Sea

The number of unsafe interceptions between military jets from Russia and the US over the Black Sea has risen in recent months, but the US has vowed to continue operating in the region despite Russian provocations. CNN's Fred Pleitgen gains exclusive access inside one of their surveillance flights.

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Cuomo: Trump is a walking 'lie-ability'

CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out President Donald Trump for returning to the White house just days after starting treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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Her dad died of Covid-19. She says Trump is 'most dangerous person'

Kristin Urquiza's father died of coronavirus after following President Donald Trump's guidance on the disease. See her reaction as Trump returns to the White House after spending 72 hours at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and stages a reckless departure from the hospital.

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Trump's surprise outing was an attempted show of strength that displayed his questionable judgment

It's been more than two days since President Donald Trump was airlifted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, but Americans remain largely in the dark about the trajectory of his infection with Covid-19 and the specifics of his condition as the White House tries to control the optics of his illness with misleading briefings, posed images and even a reckless photo-op outside the hospital.

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Analyst: The US is 'a pitiful pariah on the world stage'

What national security risks exist following President Donald Trump's positive test for coronavirus? CNN global affairs analyst Max Boot and CNN military and diplomatic analyst retired Rear Adm. John Kirby share the details with CNN's Ana Cabrera.

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Trump's illness raises national security concerns as Pentagon looks to reassure public

Military leaders moved quickly to reassure the American public Friday that it was business as usual at the Pentagon despite President Donald Trump's announcement that he tested positive for coronavirus, making it clear in the hours that followed there was no indication of an immediate threat to the US homeland from a foreign adversary.

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Analysis: No one has *any* idea what happens next

President Donald Trump has Covid-19 and is heading to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, according to the White House press secretary, who says he will remain there for several days.

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