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House Republicans callously turn their backs on Americans in need

There might be a "civil war" brewing in the GOP over the role Donald Trump should play in the party, but when it comes to helping Americans financially struggling to survive, the GOP is united in saying, "No." That was the clear message sent early Saturday morning when not a single House Republican voted for President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package. The bill was approved by the House's Democratic majority and, if enacted by the Senate, would provide most Americans with up to $1,400 in direct stimulus payments along with other help like funding for vaccine distribution and the re-opening of schools.

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Opinion: Texas disaster casts harsh light on America's future

No one expects the United States to control the weather and it can't prevent animal viruses in other countries from jumping into humans. But the way it has "handled" recent disasters, from the pandemic to the current weather crisis in Texas, shows that it can offer a master class in how to make a mighty nation look a lot like a failing state.

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Gavin Newsom's French Laundry scandal is no reason to toss him out

The effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom is gaining momentum and is almost certain to gather more than enough signatures to make it to the June ballot. Californians will then be faced with the question of whether or not to recall the man they elected with 61.9% of the vote in 2018 and who is up for reelection next year. The recall is strongly backed by the Republican Party, because while a Republican would have a very difficult time winning a normally scheduled election for governor of California, a recall might pose a rare opportunity.

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Why this will be the hottest airplane seat in 2021

Premium economy. The two words might seem a weird combination in airline terms, since it's a rare airline where economy seats feel premium these days. But these seats between coach and business class on international flights were heating up even before Covid-19, and as we all start to travel again in 2021, they're set to be a must-fly for many passengers.

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Presidents Day is a time to reflect on the incredible power we entrust to imperfect hands

Every year on Presidents Day, the country celebrates our past leaders. In recent years, however, many Americans have begun to question whether we have crossed the line between remembering and worshipping. If the past four years have taught us anything, we've learned that presidents are far from perfect, but they are central to American life. Presidents Day is an opportunity to reflect on the oversized impact of commanders-in-chief on our culture, safety and welfare, and democratic institutions -- as well as a moment to think about what we might expect of future leaders.

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This is what vintage beauty ads might have looked like in the age of diversity

Holding an array of cosmetics in one hand and a multi-color compact in the other, a model with a coiffed hairstyle smiles contentedly at the camera. "It's literally everything!" reads the text beneath, referring to the tidier of the two. "It's confidence, it's fearlessness, it's stability, it's everything you could want and more!"

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The mystery of the flu-Covid 'twindemic' that never happened

Late last summer, many experts expressed concern that the illness and chaos caused by the Covid-19 pandemic might soon worsen as we entered flu season. Dubbed the "twindemic," pessimists foresaw a nightmarish overlap of the two viral diseases that could overwhelm the country and the world.

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