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Things just got much more complicated for employers

The CDC's announcement that fully-vaccinated individuals don't need to wear a mask in most situations was a big step toward a return to normalcy, but it might have complicated employers' return-to-work plans.

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Analysis: Why the Globes might never be the same

NBC's cancellation of next year's Golden Globes — historically one of the major events on Hollywood's months-long awards calendar — marks a potential turning point in a long-simmering debate about the show's relevance.

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Opinion: Rise of the Trumpublicans

In 2015, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump's presidential campaign trademarked the term "Trumpublican" for possible use on items like bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs and even surfboards. The US Patent and Trademark Office now lists the trademark as "dead," but after the past week, some members of the "Party of Lincoln" might be inclined to revive it.

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Opinion: Rogan's dubious medical advice

At this point in the pandemic, if you're not part of the solution, you might be part of the problem. This week, comedian and podcast host, Joe Rogan missed a huge opportunity to use his prominent platform to promote Covid-19 vaccination to a stubbornly hesitant young demographic. Instead, his musings made him part of the problem.

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Give Caitlyn Jenner a chance

The announcement that reality TV star and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, a longtime Republican, would run for California governor -- in an expected recall election later this year to replace Democrat Gavin Newsom -- is making waves. Jenner, who identifies as transgender, officially filed her paperwork in Los Angeles and announced her bid on her website. With the sales savvy one might expect from a reality TV icon, Jenner's website already has merch for sale, including typical political swag like yard signs and hats, and a few fun extras like wine goblets and beverage coolers.

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Elon Musk on Mars: 'You might not come back alive'

There may not be a bigger promoter of the idea that humanity should go to Mars than Elon Musk. But Musk is once again in the news for admitting, though not for the first time, the truth about his dream: "A bunch of people probably will die" in the process.

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Another Italian town is selling houses for one euro

The pandemic is raging, quarantine rules are changing by the day, and there's still uncertainty over when we might vacation again, but one thing remains constant in the travel world: the €1 houses of Italy.

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