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Opinion: Why Biden should be careful about courting India's Modi government

The United States is putting on a full-court press to deepen ties with India. President Joe Biden included India in the first-ever heads of state meeting of "The Quad," an exclusive group that also includes Japan and Australia, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Delhi as part of his first trip abroad. All in an effort to find friends in Asia to counter expansionist China.

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What to expect when you're expecting so much from the Quad

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, better known as the Quad, has been getting a lot of attention recently. When the leaders of the United States, Japan, India and Australia met virtually for their first group meeting on March 12, the meeting was called historic.

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Opinion: Impending doom? We can avoid it

Thank God for vaccines. The Biden administration's mass vaccination campaign comes just as spring brings warmer weather and longer days, fueling a sense of broad optimism for many across the United States. On weekend nights, cities like New York are again brimming with pleasure-seekers; you can feel the raw and almost feral enthusiasm of millions of people coming out of our Covid cages. Plans for summer travel are being laid. Parents are hugging their adult children and meeting new grandchildren for the first time.

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Spa owner killed two days before her birthday

CNN's Natasha Chen speaks with the family of Xiaojie Tan, a spa owner who was killed during a string of shootings at Atlanta-area spas. Tan's daughter says she had plans to meet her mom the weekend before the shootings, but the meeting didn't happen and that was the last time they spoke.

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Pandemic puts booming CEO pay under the microscope

The pandemic exposed the huge inequities baked into the global economy. That could make for a tense string of annual meetings this spring, as companies ask shareholders to approve millions of dollars in compensation for executives.

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Asian stocks tumble following sell-off on Wall Street

Asian markets tumbled on Friday as investors appeared to be jolted by several issues, from the continued prospect of rising inflation to a volatile US-China meeting and stubborn coronavirus flare-ups in Europe.

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US-China talks could end up inflaming trade tensions

Senior officials from the United States and China are meeting in person on Thursday for the first time since US President Joe Biden took office. But progress toward solving major economic sources of strain — including disputes over tech and trade — is unlikely.

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Jan. 6 fallout: Congress stalls on independent probe

Top Republicans in the House have repeatedly clashed with US Capitol security officials during closed-door meetings in recent weeks, as GOP lawmakers have privately aired their frustrations about the lack of clarity surrounding security measures and what they feel has been undue political influence from Democrats over the decision-making process, according to several sources familiar with the interactions.

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