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Review: 'You' finds twisted new wrinkles with Love and marriage in the suburbs

Another salvage project by Netflix, "You" went from a Lifetime also-ran to a social-media sensation, with its twisted lead becoming a sort of latter-day "Dexter," heavily narrating his bizarre story. The third season continues to balance that delicate juggling act, with a wife, baby and life in suburbia merely adding to the chaos, and for the most part, macabre fun.

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China celebrates growth in wealth, power -- and height

Last week, as China celebrated the 72nd anniversary of Communist Party rule with a week-long public holiday, state-run media cranked up the patriotism to hail the country's economic rise, military achievements, political clout -- and even the height of its men.

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Facebook could be facing a Big Tobacco reckoning

It's been a tough week for Facebook. Whistleblower Frances Haugen testified to Congress that the company is aware that its platforms are used to spread hate and misinformation but has failed to take action to prevent it. The social media giant and several of its services were also hit with widespread outages.

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Stelter: Why isn't there a NYT of the right?

CNN's Brian Stelter says that the erosion of mistrust is high among Republicans in part because right-wing media outlets like Fox News and OAN rely on repeating information instead of doing their own reporting of the facts.

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Analysis: Anti-trans rhetoric is rife in the British media

Britain faces a critical shortage of workers, leading to fuel supply constraints, a run on petrol stations and unstacked shelves in supermarkets due to lack of staff or undelivered foodstuffs. Despite this immediate crisis affecting millions of people, "gotcha" questions on trans rights have become a feature of this year's political party conference season, say trans advocates.

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Should Schumer be blamed for the Manchin problem?

Progressives have been lambasting the Senate's top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, all over my social media feeds this week for failing to stand up to the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell. Those criticisms peaked this week as McConnell seemed to be calling the shots on the debt-limit impasse. Even though Schumer maneuvered to get what he wanted -- the Senate extended the debt ceiling (till December) -- there was no letup from the left.

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Analysis: Some good polling news for Trump

Among all-important Iowa voters, former President Donald Trump notched his highest favorability rating ever, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

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This is a teenager's brain on Instagram

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen says Instagram can lead young people down a negative spiral -- one they are ill-equipped to get out of. Experts say that's because the adolescent brain is still developing and the excessive social media use could have long-term consequences. CNN's Clare Sebastian reports.

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Analysis: Facebook revelations are shocking. But nothing will change until Congress acts

After a roller coaster 24 hours for Facebook — in which a whistleblower lodged damning claims at at the site, its stock fell 5% and the company suffered a more than five-hour outage across its most popular apps — the spotlight has shifted to Congress and what, if anything, lawmakers are willing to do to rein in the social media behemoth.

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