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'So disgusting': Tapper slams Trump campaign attacks

CNN's Jake Tapper reacts after President Donald Trump took the stage for the final presidential debate of the 2020 election, saying Trump is "running the single most negative, sleazy campaign in American history for a major party candidate."

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Trump needs to shake up his campaign as he meets Biden in debate

President Donald Trump enters the final presidential debate on Thursday in need of a major shakeup that will change the trajectory of the race as he trails Joe Biden in both national polls and key swing states that will determine whether he has a path to victory in the Electoral College.

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Pelosi's stimulus deal deadline is today. Here's where things stand

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said Tuesday that the "window is closing" on a potential deal for a stimulus package, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's deadline arrives for Democrats and the Trump administration to resolve policy differences if they want to pass a bill before Election Day.

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Opinion: The scary part of the Supreme Court ruling on Pennsylvania's mail-in ballots

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected on a 4-4 vote a Republican ploy to have the Court intervene in a case from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court -- and therefore potentially every election law dispute in the country. But far from a major Democratic win, the decision could spell bad news for the future of voting rights protections. The implications of this decision, with Judge Amy Coney Barrett waiting in the wings to cast the tiebreaking vote in a similar case if -- as expected -- the Senate confirms her nomination to be a justice, are enormous.

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Europe faces new obstacle as second wave engulfs continent

As coronavirus cases spike across the continent, European governments are facing a new obstacle in their efforts to enforce restrictions -- with several major cities and regions fighting back against instructions to lock down in recent days.

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Senate race tightening in battleground Michigan

Democrats hope to take back control of the US Senate majority after Election Day, but to do that they need to defend incumbent Michigan Sen. Gary Peters, who's locked in a tight race with Republican challenger John James. CNN's Miguel Marquez has more.

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A modest proposal on SCOTUS (more 'West Wing' than 'House of Cards')

The Senate confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett concluded Thursday. All indications are that President Donald Trump's nominee will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, bringing the number of conservative leaning justices to six -- an ironclad majority. However, that is not likely to be the end of the story.

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McConnell nixes Trump 'big' stimulus proposal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared to put an end to any pre-election prospects for President Donald Trump's latest big stimulus proposal on Thursday, saying he had no plans to bring to the floor any package at $1.8 trillion or above.

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Opinion: NBC is rewarding Trump's debate cowardice

The job of journalists and major media outlets is to tell the truth, hold the powerful to account, and serve the public. NBC News has just disgracefully failed on all three of those objectives.

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