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Families turn to these YouTube divers to find lost loved ones

Jared Leisek started "Adventures with Purpose" as a mission to clean up trash in lakes and rivers. 19 cold cases later, his team have found countless clues hidden beneath the water's surface, and become a lifeline for families desperate for answers.

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Joan Didion's words still ring true

Like many of us who loved her, I can't remember the exact moment I fell for the work of Joan Didion. I imagine I first found her as a 16-year-old, flipping through used books at Moe's, the legendary Berkeley bookshop. But it's possible that this isn't true, because it seems like she was already there — at friends' houses, in bookstores, on bookshelves and in magazines we loved to read.

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I'm vaccinated, boosted and traveling

This is the second year that Covid-19 has upended holiday travel, after nearly two long years of plans undone, loved ones unseen and life milestones unmarked. Now that vaccines are widely available in the United States, it's especially frustrating that we are still held hostage to a pandemic fueled by the people who refuse to get vaccinated and by the policy choices of wealthy nations not to treat this pandemic like a global pandemic and vaccinate the world.

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Nuclear energy scares people. The climate crisis is giving it another chance

Growing up in Finland, Iida Ruishalme had a deep affinity for nature — particularly the forest, where she loved to go trekking with her dogs. Now, she's worried that her daughters won't experience such idyllic days as the climate crisis accelerates. So last month, she boarded a night train from Switzerland to join protests in the German capital Berlin.

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20 astonishing facts about the A380 superjumbo

Beloved by passengers for its spaciousness and comfort, but disliked by airlines because of its running costs, the Airbus A380 has already entered its sunset years, even though it debuted commercially just 14 years ago.

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bell hooks, famed feminist writer, dies at 69

bell hooks -- the beloved poet, author, feminist and professor -- has died, announced Berea College, the university at which she taught, on Wednesday. She was 69.

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