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How a love for big cats and the 'myth' of the leopard sparked this wildlife photographer's career

People travel across oceans and from the other side of the world for a chance to see the wonders of Kruger National Park. The South African game reserve was established more than 120 years ago and ranks among the best national parks in the world. Bucket-list adventurers visit with the hope of encountering the "big five" -- lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo -- and, with any luck, capturing a memory-worthy photo in the process.

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Living with really large cats

Lions, leopards and tigers are on Vine. See how one sanctuary is using social media to save big cats.

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Zambia lifts ban on big cat trophy hunting

LUSAKA (Reuters) - Zambia has lifted the ban on the hunting of leopards and will allow lion hunting next year after it established that the population of the big cats was higher than previously thought, its tourism minister said on Wednesday.

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