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Leila Janah dies at 37

Leila Janah, a social entrepreneur poured her energy into creating job opportunities for the world's poorest communities, has died at 37, one of the companies she founded said.

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An expert explains why Hawaii's volcano is in danger of going ballistic

Everyone has been looking at Kilauea volcano's lava flows. Sure, a wall of molten rock consuming a car is quite the sight. But as we all focus on the damage at Leilani Estates, we shouldn't forget that volcanoes are complex systems, where everything is connected. New warnings about flying ballistic blocks and sinking lava lakes help us remember!

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Big Island resident: Life completely upside down

Leilani Estates, Hawaii, resident Steve Gebbie says, "life is completely turned upside down," after a seventh volcanic vent opened in a Hawaiian neighborhood. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports.

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